Letter to The Juniors

Elizabeth Warren, H100 Staff

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

— Malcom X

Dear Juniors,

This is the time, this is the hour. Look into and register for colleges! You may think that there is plenty of time but really, there isn’t. Time tends to travel at a faster pace than the manmade measurements can contain, there is always something faster than what we are measuring; there is always something more. You do not have the time to sit and waste.

By this time next year, you should be accepted into a college. Heck, they expect you to be. The deadline they give you is the middle of December, so beat it. Apply in November. Apply in October. Beat the clock and get ahead.

You’re scared, I get it. Everything is changing but most of you are thinking:

“Heck yeah, we’re getting out of this place!”

You are thinking without actually processing what it means to leave high school. Everything is gone. Every ritual, every routine that you’ve set, everything. College is a new start without your parents, without them paying for everything that you need to function in life. There are those of you who pay your own bills, who pay rent, taxes and other aspects but there are many who do not even know what taxes are.

You’re running out of time. Sign up for college, tour the campuses and make your college experience the best that it could ever be.

Take care and live long.

Sincerely yours,
A Fellow Junior