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Elizabeth Warren, H100 Staff

Why do we read? Why do we truly read? Boredom, entertainment, information or is it something else? In every book we read, we will find a small piece of ourselves inside of it. We read as an escape from reality because their world always seems to be better than ours, even when they are dropping like flies.

The CHS Book club has officially been approved! The first meeting is October third at 7:30 in the morning in the Library. Bus riders are encouraged to come as soon as they can in the mornings. The first genre will be horror focusing on the author of Stephan King; the first discussion of the genre will be Screen Screams, what would your book be like as a movie compared to what terrified you the most about the book.

Screen Screams is going to focus on how the Stephan King novels affected you and what parts truly frightened you as you read. It also is focusing on the differences between the movie adaptations and the books, what was left out and what was enhanced. “We want to find that place in the book and figure that out, was it the visual or was it still the word?”

The club expectations will be set during this meeting along with a genre. “I purposely chose horror,” comments Mrs. Goodman, “because it’s October, what better month to be with horror?” A meeting schedule is not set in stone, this will also be discussed at the meeting; however, they are thinking about meeting once a month or every month and a half. Both librarians encourage students to read at their own pace and the intervals between each meeting allow for students to do that.

The genres will probably go hand in hand with the month that they meet. “We are looking mainly at the first Tuesday every month,” Mrs. Goodman suggests, “but we thought because we are just starting off, like our next meeting may not be until, for instance, November 28th.” They are not putting out a “script” for it just yet because they want to see how many people attend and get their input on what they should do.

“We just want rapacious readers,” she says to the students who are interested in the club. She is looking for students who are willing to look up rapacious and see what it means; if you can look up one word in this busy world, you can read a book with no problems.

“We are not looking at a book analysis,” she explains, “we are looking at a book emotion.” The book club is there to share how the book makes you feel rather than how the colors connect to the plot of the story. They are there to discuss how the book, the writing, the plot, affects you as the reader; there is no judgment and there is no pain.

“Let’s get it out there and just talk.” –Mrs. Goodman

“I’m excited about it,” comments Ms. Betts about the book club and the students that she hopes that come.