Showing Rabbits


Elizabeth Warren, H100 Staff

“The most challenging part for me is trying to take care of six rabbits at once, it’s extremely hard to keep your eye on all of them and keep them alive.”The first time rabbit shower, Krislyn Barton, holds 10 Californian Meat Pen Rabbits in her possession to show in an FFA competition; each of the ten rabbits has a different personality that makes them unique in their own way.  Each rabbit, much like their personalities, is named something unique to fit them in their own special way:  Grace, Grayson, Hopps, Jax, and Yogurt but the five others have yet to be named.  Every morning the rabbits are fed fresh feed and then a handful of hay, which helps their coat, along with a fresh bowl of water every two to three hours in order to keep them healthy and not contaminate their drinking supply.

“I am really excited about this new learning experience but I’m also really nervous,” Krislyn comments about the competition and taking care of the small creatures.  The rabbits start off at about half a pound each and must grow to be close to five pounds in five to six weeks. Due to this, there is a high possibility of death among the rabbits.  Feed on a timed schedule to minimize the possibility of overfeeding. To enter into the showing, you must choose three of the rabbits that look identical in color and size.  The overall goal is to sell the rabbits; this means that you are one of the top competitors and will win prize money.