New Year’s Wonderland

New Years Wonderland

Elizabeth Warren, H100 Staff

Every year, people make resolutions to make themselves a better person in the long run but find that they don’t always stick in the way that we want; there is always something that gets in the way of the new you, whether it be school, the lack of interest, or even that you find something else to distract you. Recently, there was a section on Channel Eight news that went over how to make your resolutions better and less likely to fall out from under you. Through these eight, simple steps you can create a new resolution that can go into full effect.
1. Add a good habit
a. For example, my biggest problem is sodas and gummy snacks, so instead of completely swearing them off, I am going to add more water into my diet and restrict my eating habits to one bag every two or so weeks.
2. Tell someone and team up
a. By telling someone, they can keep you to your word and even work alongside you
3. Start small
a. Don’t being your resolutions with something so far out of your norm that you can’t keep to your word; start off with something close to the norm, that way it is a change but nothing too shocking for your body
b. By starting small, you can expand if need be.
4. Write down your goals
a. I know this is the most cliché thing that one can do, but it truly does help.
b. Study tip: write your notes in blue; it has been scientifically proven to help you remember facts better.
5. Reward yourself
a. Back to sodas, if you make your goal by allowing yourself to not treat yourself to a soda for two weeks, buy yourself a bottle of soda.
6. Keep it simple
a. Agan, keep your resolution simple and close to the norm of the average day that you are used to.
7. Commit to 21 days
a. It is said that you gain a habit after 21 days, by committing to something for 21 days, you are sure to make it a habit. Hopefully the habit is a good one.
8. One step at a time
a. Don’t try to take on your resolution all at once; much like diets, that won’t last very long.
b. Start small and then get larger in accomplishments along the way.

These eight steps are the stepping stones to a better year and a better you, have a good one and make it great! TCC!