Hidden Voices


Elizabeth Warren, H100 Staff

Quiet people have the loudest mind.  –Stephen King

Within each book that you read there is more than just the words written on the page, there is something that ventures far beyond what you are reading.  The voice of the author and the voice of the characters ring out into the world as you bring their stories to life and they tend to live far longer than they do in the books; the characters that leave us halfway through live on in our thoughts, therefore they never indeed die.  A story is only just a way for writers to express their emotions without letting others know that it is them screaming through the pages.

Writers make the world, and there is nothing more interesting than to see how someone transforms their thoughts into written word.  Many think that writing is hard. It’s not; however, it is difficult to gain the inspiration to put the words into print.

As many of you have heard, I have taken up writing on a typewriter thanks to Mrs. Goodman who allowed me to borrow hers over the expanse of the school year.  I am happy to say that the first book written on the typewriter has been complete. I do not know if the book will become published anytime soon, but I will try to.