Making Memories

It’s a brand-new school year. With this brand-new school year, we are met with a reboot of what is known and loved:  Exciting pep rallies, Friday night football games, and loud, spirit-filled fans to pump up the night.  Among these fans are two extraordinary, spirit-driven students that plan to inspire and encourage fellow students along with staff and community members to show more “Tiger Spirit”. The names of these two students are known to the school; Allison Spence and Corbin Hill are two of Corsicana High School’s finest students. As they are both seniors to the class of 2018, they have earned the privilege of being the Master of Ceremonies. Allison and Corbin always have something new to add to the pep rallies and put on a new show to everyone in the stands. Constantly having fun with a smile on their faces, they not only bring out the best in each other but hype up the fans that watch them. Allison and Corbin are a true representation of what it is like to have Tiger Spirit.