Elizabeth Warren and Leslie Munoz

FFA, an “organization that brings students together” while teaching “responsibility,” “time management,” “agriculture and livestock production.” Through the teachings of proper time management, animal care, and leadership, FFA pulls students into the modern world while still in a controlled environment; the students learn how to properly take care of animals while also teaching the ins and outs of teamwork and the complications that come along with both.

“I have learned teamwork, patience, and kindness,” Isabel Robinson comments, “we are all very close and love each other like another family.”

Not only has this organization brought a new understanding of farmers to the students but has also produced new respect for farmers and others that work in similar areas with animals involved. The FFA is a large family away from home where each member learns to work with and care for each other just like one would to their family or friends; the animals that they take care of becoming part of the family even though they have to part with them at some point.

“This is my first year,” Mallory Doud explains; a legend to her mother, she was inspired by pictures of her mother when she was in FFA and took the reins into her own hands to continue the tradition. “This year had been full of fun experiences and its been fun having my family come support me.”

A family that farms together, stays together and FFA is the biggest farming family out there. TCC.