Calico’s Blazing Ahead

Abby Cates, H100 Staff

It has been a great year so far for your CHS Calico’s. Their amazing coaches, Brittney Lassiter and Traycie Griggs, put a huge amount of hard work and dedication to their calico dance teams. The calicos have been working hard every day, practicing their routines, and coming up with new ways to make their performances more outstanding. Every Calico works hard to remain on the kick lines for Friday night halftime performances on the football field. Currently, the CHS calicos are working on their kick lines and their hip-hop dance for Homecoming.

The Lieutenant’s or Calico Dance Officers include:

· Mckenzie Prickett

· Jayla Johnson

· Alijah Dunn

· Selena Falcon

· Jade Greer

· Sheila Garcia

· Captain Marcela Bonilla


The calicos are a huge part of our school and without them, Friday nights and pep rallies would not be the same. Be sure to come and support your CHS calicos on Friday nights at the varsity football games.