Abby Cates, H100 Staff

Most people wonder why TCC is always said throughout our school and city or what it really means. #TCC is the school motto at Corsicana High School. This saying has become a very important part of Corsicana High School in the past two years. Our principal Shade Boulware came up with this when he became our principal. The letters TCC stands for “take care of Corsicana”.  

This statement can mean many different things to people. Honestly, TCC is whatever you want it to mean that has a positive impact on our school and city. Overall, #TCC is a positive movement spread throughout our town to help improve it and our lives. 

Wise words from Principal Boulware: #TCC means everyone here is all one, meaning we take care of everyone and work together to achieve our goals and what needs to be done. Corsicana is a safe place to be, and everyone will be taken care of. 

Wise words from varsity football player Jervontae Anderson: #TCC means to be respectful not just to your friends, but everyone that comes into your path. And with that comes being kind, you never know what kind of day someone is having, and you have the opportunity to make their day better or make them happy. We all are a family so we should treat each other as a family. Also, please make sure to come and support us on Friday nights and be loud and proud, we’d appreciate it! #TCC 

In essence, on the surface #TCC means take care of Corsicana. But in depth, it has varying meanings to all people from Corsicana. Most importantly, it means we are all family and equal. We are there for one another, back each other up, respect one another, pick each other up, trust one another, and much more. This one hashtag has begun the difficult task of bringing our city together as one family.