Cassandra Clare’s trilogy The Infernal Devices

Karen Ortega, H100 Staff

For readers out there, you can’t miss Cassandra Clare’s trilogy The Infernal Devices. If you already read The Mortal Instruments series and you loved it, now you have to read the prequel.  You can find the first two books of the series in the library. The library just bought the books this year, so they still smell like new!

The first book is “Clockwork Angel”, which is set in the year 1878. The main character is Tessa Gray, who is looking for her missing brother, but in order to find him Tessa has to go to the underworld. While she is there, Tessa makes a deal with two and shadowhunters, Will and Jem. If Tessa helps them fight to save the world, they will help her find her brother.

Clockwork Angel became a New York Best Time Seller. So don’t wait to go check out the book at the CHS library. If you love it, you can continue reading the second book called “Clockwork Prince”, which you can also find at the library here. There is only one copy of each so hurry up and be the first one to get it!