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Tyler Williams, AVTech

July 29, 1996. The greatest day of the Modern Era. On that day, this world was graced with the presence of a child who would change the paradigm of Corsicana High School forever. That brave young baby was me, Tyler Williams. Some of you know me as Tee-Dub, some as Tee-Willy, but the thing you can all agree on is that I’m an all-around great guy!(By the way, I’m totally kidding! I’m not really that conceited!) I am a Senior this year, and one of the youngest in my class. I will graduate as a seventeen year old, one of only seven people that can claim that. After my CHS days, I plan to attend SAGU in Waxahachie and major in Counseling with a minor in Youth and Student Ministries. I work at Brookshire’s, and  September 1, 2013 will officially be a year that I have spent there. If you’re considering joining AV Tech, don’t think about it too long! Like Nike, Just Do It! I promise this is one of the most fun programs at CHS! Class of 2014, Stay Turnt Up!

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Tyler Williams