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Kansas Brunson
Sup, my name is Kansas Brunson. Yes, that IS the name I was born with. I was born in Corsicana and raised in Dawson. I spent the majority of my life in Dawson public school before transferring to Corsicana. I absolutely love anything artsy and creative. Writing is my passion, music is my life, and drawing is my world between the two. Upon graduating, I hope to attend an art college, preferably Pratt. I've loved writing since I was in first grade and I’m a junior now so you can see that it’s been a fling for a while now. I enjoy life for what it is. There is so much to experience and art has taught me to treasure all of it. In my sixteen years I have suffered more bad than good, but music and writing have always come through for me. My favorite band of all time is My Chemical Romance. I hope to get to meet them someday, though we all know that is a very unlikely dream. I normally have my ear buds in so that means that you shouldn’t try to talk to me. I’m in my own little world. If I could give advice to you, I’d tell you not to overcompensate. Every little detail about you, about this world, is beautiful. I sound like a hippie right now…

Kansas Brunson, News Editor

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Kansas Brunson